Our Daily Routine

The FLASH Network is designed to address a wide variety of needs in the LGBTQ+ community. Whether its sharing important sexual health facts online, designing educational programs for queer youth, or researching social issues specifically impacting queer folks, FLASH does it all and then some.

Learn more about the responsibilities of our core teams and how we are addressing the gaps in advocacy, education, research, and outreach between queer and non-queer populations.

Row of hands with rainbow bracelets and shirt sleeves.

The PrEP Project

The FLASH Network advocates for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment options for youth and young adults living with HIV and promotes behavioral health needs within sexual health. Through the PrEP Project, we co-design engagement and recruitment strategies to increase the uptake of biomedical prevention efforts such as PrEP. We partner with the Center for Behavioral and Translational Science (CTBSi) who is directly funded by the CDC for this project.

The SHARE Project

Similar to the PrEP Project, the FLASH Network bolsters recruitment and participation of eligible folks for the SHARE Project, a research study that focuses on the impacts of alcohol use on adherence to HIV/AIDS treatment and care for young people living with HIV. We work with CTBSi who was awarded this grant from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism to examine this crucial intersection of sexual health and substance use.

Advocacy + Outreach

The FLASH Advocacy Core Team is responsible for establishing and maintaining partnerships with community-based organizations, health departments, and other agencies who work towards FLASH’s mission. We represent FLASH at meetings within various partnerships and develop youth-led briefs and commentaries on policies and issues related to LGBTQ+ health. Our work ensures that youth voices are included throughout the various stages of policy development in Florida! 

The FLASH Outreach Core Team maintains our brand and influences the public’s perception of FLASH as a supportive, informed resource for LGBTQ+ youth. Our team’s duties range from content creation – we make the colorful graphics you see on our social media – to crafting a brand book for FLASH and designing this website!

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Research + Education

The FLASH Research Core Team establishes and conducts crucial research studies on the HIV/AIDS epidemic and how this disease disproportionately impacts LGBTQ+ youth. Our team’s main priority is to use this research to push for laws and legislation related to HIV/AIDS prevention and support programs, especially for queer folks.

The FLASH Education Core Team emphasizes the learned components of youth mental and sexual health. We work to debunk sexual and mental health myths and teach others about the best habits to care for our bodies and minds. Our team encourages the use of personal experiences to learn from each other in queer communities.

A book being held open by hands showing a rainbow inside.

Our Voices

These core personas drive and personify every action taken at The FLASH Network.

The House Mother

We’re compassionate and nurturing but willing to tell the honest and hard truth about the way things are and how we should fix them. We are always here to offer support and to guide you with knowledge rooted in our own queer experiences.

The Modern Sex Educator

We know more about sex than the average person, and we work to debunk some of the common misconceptions about all kinds of sex. We are always here to answer any awkward questions, uplift new ways to think and talk about sex (especially queer sex) and equip you with the most accurate facts on your body and its needs.

The Rainbow Activist

We take action, provide resources, and encourage others to join us at we champion LGBTQ+ rights. We are always here to show up for any queer cause, fight for what we believe in and stand in solidarity with other marginalized groups as we move towards a more equitable future.