Celebrating Our Team!

Queer folks celebrating in line, holding rainbow flags and wearing colorful clothes.

One of the key tenants at FLASH is celebrating each other’s work and accomplishments, no matter how big or small. We aim to uplift our advisors’ successes in research, publications, and professional and personal development and highlight the power of youth representation by posting it here!

Executive Director Revamps his Linkedin

LinkedIn serves as a huge resource for FLASH advisors and partners to connect professionally and communicate about interesting research articles and personal achievements. Connect with our E.D. and check out his new & improved profile!

Outreach Core Team Lead Publishes a News Story

Journalistic writing skills are crucial to the success of FLASH as we aim to share dense research and educational content in a digestible, understandable way. Luckily, our Outreach Core Team Lead publishes stories on complex topics all the time!

Outreach Core Team Lead Graduates Summa Cum Laude

Congratulations to our Outreach Core Team Lead for graduating with the highest honors distinction in May 2022!! The FLASH Network values strong, passionate minds, and we are so proud to watch one of our very own earn their Bachelor’s degree.

Advocacy Core Team Lead Publishes Their Research

Research is at the core of all we do at FLASH. We use science to power and inform our public health initiatives for LGBTQ+ youth in Florida. Fortunately, our Advocacy Core Team Lead is a stellar researcher!

Advocacy Core Team Lead Presents Their Research

One of the primary tenants of FLASH is ensuring shared knowledge between our advisors and LGBTQ+ youth in Florida. Therefore, we are especially grateful for our genius Advocacy Core Team Lead, who recently shared their work with the USF Center of Excellence in Maternal & Child Health.

Editor-in-Chief Establishes an Incredible Portfolio

What would our organization be without the credibility and skills of an excellent Editor-in-Chief? Check out her portfolio and gain some inspo for creating your own!

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