Nice to Meet You!

Greetings from The FLASH Network (i.e., the Florida Adolescent and Young Adult Sexual Health Network).

We are so excited to work with you! FLASH is a community-based, youth-centered collective promoting diverse research, education & health initiatives for LGBTQ+ folks in Florida.

We stand for innovative, supportive collaboration and shining a flashlight (haha get it?) on sexual health issues specifically impacting LGBTQ+ young people.

Illustration of rainbow-colored LGBTQ+ folks standing in line together.

FLASH Values:

Vibrant + Fun

FLASH thrives on the passionate, colorful perspectives of our advisors and leaders who bring unparalleled enthusiasm to this work. We love advocating for the health and wellness of queer folks, and we have a good time doing it!

Radical + Real

Our approach is different from most – we put young people in charge and let them decide what works and what doesn’t. Our messaging is direct – we don’t sugar coat or dance around taboo topics.

Creative + Diverse

We are constantly enacting new ways to educate, research & support LGBTQ+ youth because their needs are always evolving. Our team is a mix of ethnicities, sexualities & ideas – which is reflected in our work.

Illustration of a diverse group of LGBTQ+ people holding various pride flags.

At FLASH, we are committed to:

– Promoting the inclusion of young people’s perspectives, their unique experiences, and their expertise on the needs of their own communities in public health planning and research.

– Partnering with community organizations, local governments, youth advocacy movements, social innovation entrepreneurs, and others who share our commitment to elevating youth voices.

– Cultivating a community of understanding and diverse voices to establish youth-led design and adult allyship as the norm across Florida.

We imagine a world where young people are the experts on their own lives and have the opportunity to co-design and strategize their own public health initiatives.